Geneticist Dalek (New Paradigm)Edit

The Daleks 117

The Geneticist Dalek

"You are unclean. You must be exterminated!"

'The Geneticist Dalek was a Progenitor Dalek. Dalek Caan was on a mission for the Dalek Supreme under the Dalek City on Skaro where he created the Geneticist Dalek with a progenitor device that a Dalek Scientist gave to him.

Appearance Episodes of Dalek Tales: The Dalek That Time ForgotEdit

Dalek Tales: The Dalek That Time Forgot Part 2: The Geneticist Dalek's first appearance with Dalek Caan

Dalek Tales: The Dalek That Time Forgot Part 3: The Geneticist Dalek and Dalek Caan appears back to the Supreme Dalek's spacecraft.

Appearance & DesignEdit

The Geneticist Dalek had the same Progenitor Dalek design, but the paintjob of its dome, body and casing are of a dark green, which is not one of the colours featured with the original Progenitor Daleks. It featured the same eyestalk, a death ray gun but it had a new manipulator arm with an enormous claw attachment.


Name: Dalek Genetcist ( also known as 'Geneticist'
Species: Daleks (Created by the Progenitor)
Assistant: Dalek Caan
Color Casing: Green Casing and Body